Why Purchase A Wood Comb?

This is only one of the most asked questions we get, and we determined it was time to get a suitable excuse. Before we answer that question, however, let us look at other comb kinds out there for anti-static effects. Yes, you will find more than one.

A Concise History Of The Comb
Combs have been around for centuries. It’s practically impossible to nail down who devised the comb, since they were obvious in history dating back to 5,000BC. The earliest found combs were made from timber, rock, or ivory. The vast majority of these have been used for ceremonial functions, however over time, as found in China, both the poor and wealthy used combs for superior health, such as ridding themselves of lice.

Throughout history, the comb was primarily made out of wood. Obviously, wood has been the ideal choice only because it had been the most commonly available source. But once plastics were found, this cheap, synthetic or semi-synthetic substance occurred over as the dominant material used to fabricate combs. Hence introducing the plastic comb:

The Plastic Comb
Cheap. Versatile. Long lasting. The plastic comb became the key comb manufactured and used across the world. Wooden combs became more of a specialty thing because the “plastic revolution” took the world by storm. But, plastic combs aren’t the best for your beard. They create static power because you comb your beard, causing it to become more entangled. Plastic combs are mould pressed which at the production process, leaves microscopic “burs” in between the teeth that moisturizes and pull your beard hairs. Ever wonder why you are getting more ingrown beard hairs? There is one reason why.
Metal Combs
Metal combs are to days “hip” items to get. No, we’re not saying they’re “hipster”, because phrase truly has no significance in the beard universe. We believe they’re the trendy thing to get. Sure, they look amazing, and also the layouts individuals make out of them are leading. But only because the plastic comb, they’re not exactly the very best for your beard. Unless the metal is shiny in between the teeth, then they’re going to as plastic will, tug and yank your beard hairs outside more frequently than the wooden comb will. In addition they often wash the organic oils or beard oil away in the beard hairs because metal is a non-porous substance and very difficult.

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