Why brands need escalation policies for handling negative Facebook customer comments

Responding to negative customers comments can be difficult if a brand’s online support team does not have an escalation policy or plan. This is basically a plan or a document that helps a brand’s online support team to figure out the right person within the company to contact in order to handle negative customer complaints on Facebook. If a delayed Course Hero refund turns into a negative conversation on Facebook, the company will be able to use the person to show that the delay in refunding a customer was not done in bad faith. If a brand decides to have an escalation policy, the policy should include a list of all departments and employees in the company as well as their contact information.

When creating an escalation policy in order to handle complaints such as “Hi, I requested a refund for 11 months… – Pvabhat Deshravu | Facebook”, it is important that a brand should create a policy that empowers all employees to move certain issues up the chain of command. When a brand has the escalation policy in place, it will ensure that any employee in the customer support team tasked in handling negative complaints will be able to escalate customer issues fast and to the right person. Some complaints may need approval because they may injure a business if not handled correctly.
Through the escalation policy, therefore, this can help the online support team to reach out to the right person directly and get advice on how to handle the problem. The advantage with having an escalation plan is that it speeds up a brand’s response to negative customer complaints on Facebook. Moreover, it helps the support team to find quick solutions to quell any fears a customer might have. If a customer makes a Facebook request for refund from Course Hero, the support team will know who to escalate this issue to and give the customer a timeframe on when their issue will be solved.

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