Advantages of the proximity marketing beacons technology

Using of the proximity marketing beacons device can increase your products sale. As you know that beacons use low energy Bluetooth devices which send a notification to the beacons app users. This type of technology is a modern technology. Which is been used by numerous stores to increase the sale of the particular product.

What are the benefits of using the proximity marketing beacons technology?
There are lots of benefits in using the proximity marketing beacons technology and they are:
• The main important benefits are that beacons are the very effective advertisement tools. Which is used to send the various attractive notifications to the audiences? By these attractive advertisements, a large number of audiences gets attract towards it. In other world beacons technology, it helps to increase the sale and the popularity.
• These beacons devices come in the low-cost technology but with lots of benefits. If you are opening a shop you can easily afford these types of beacons technology because it comes is a very low price. The cost of these beacons technology is all about less the $10o. Which is much cheaper than the other devices.
• The third benefits it also gives all the information to the beacons app users. As soon as the enters the beacons technology locally. They help to send the all the offers the coupons which are eligible in that time in the malls.

In how much ranges does the beacons technology vary?
The ranges are also important for the proximity marketing beacons. The beacons technology is only eligible to some extent of the ranges. These devices vary in the ranges of 70m. If you are in the entering in the range of the beacons technology say some malls or store. Then you will get a notification of the welcome and all the offers which are going on. When you are leaving the shop or out of the range of the beacons then you will also get the notification of the goodbye in your beacons app.