Does Your eBay Business Need A Paypal Account?

PayPal, which is currently owned by eBay is a trusted leader in online payments also enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money on the web. It’s the most used way of payment among ebay stealth sellers and buyers, and now boasts added auction attributes and tools for monitoring your earnings.

If you provide Paypal on your listings you will find that you will sell far more than your competitors who don’t provide this sort of payment. Using Paypal a purchaser can login and send payments to you within moments of the auction end. Immediate payments dramatically accelerate the whole trade as neither party is relying upon the postal service to provide checks. This also eliminates the depositing process at which you would have to allow 4-5 days for the money to clear from your financial institution. Subsequently, this enables buyers to get their goods far quicker, which will make for an extremely joyful customer.
We have established why buyers enjoy the simplicity Paypal; however is Paypal such a good solution for sellers?
Whilst Paypal is the fastest and simplest way to accept ebay payments, it will come at a price. For every payment you get Paypal requires a percent for a commission. It’s the seller that pays for these fees, not the purchaser.
This is something that you might want to take under account when listing your items. Should you normally sell high priced items, together with Paypal carrying a % of every trade can you truly afford to offer PayPal as a payment system? If you’re a high volume seller and always sell more than a couple of tens of thousands every month you can really make an application for a fee reduction. Paypal don’t market this so you’ll have to find the proper form on your Paypal site.


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