Dascoin: What You Must Know

DasCoin provides a hybrid structure to resolve the problems related to one of these economics-established components. Private permission blockchain architecture was integrated due to the increased security, built-in efficiency, and capability to scale more easily (due to deployment control). Fortifying this risk-free basis is the authentication of users in accordance with banking standard KYC (Know Your Customer) conditions and the execution of a “hardware required” digital wallet system. Furthermore, the DasCoin system incorporates a strong marketing mechanism which incentivizes increase through referral-based word of mouth promotion. The effect is the mass market digital system of value that provides optimum security, world class operation, and is poised for accelerated worldwide adoption by the mass market.
“Evidence of Value” Distribution System The guarantee that anyone who’s spread DasCoins directly from the DasCoin Blockchain has presented the system having a defined and accepted form of value (especially in “Cycles”, a closed loop, single objective currency that could only be obtained via the purchase of a system permit using either Bitcoin or Euros). There aren’t any parties (neither executives nor programmers) who are really able to pre-mint, pre-mine or pre-spread DasCoins to themselves. Cycles are only able to be be received in exchange for value transferred to the system, and Cycles should be submitted to the system in order for there to be an immediate supply of DasCoins through the minting process.
“Proof of License” Consensus Process DasCoin includes a licensing system in place of mining equipment. Consensus is achieved via an algorithm which at random defines what licensed node is going to make another block.
Set Supply 2 to the 33rd electricity, about 8.5 billion units (doled out over an undefined period — dependent on the internal dynamics of the system — now projected to last 12 years).
Totally-Authenticated Network Every user will probably be authenticated through banking-normal KYC procedures performed with a principal authority.

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